9 Great Free Productivity Apps for iOS and Android

9 Great Free Productivity Apps for iOS and Android
blank space barOur addiction to technology and mobile devices has turned us into extremely demanding customers. We expect greater and greater functionality from our smartphones and how they manage and improve our lives.

We also expect that they cater to our every whim in all areas: communication, work, entertainment, music, calendars, planners, GPS, directions, and everything else we can think of.

Thanks to the app developers!

Luckily, app developers have responded to our demands and provided millions of amazing apps. The major problem now may just be too much choice. But this can be easily overcome by testing out apps and finding those you enjoy using and that best suit your needs.

There is a huge selection of productivity apps – those that help you to work more flexibly, efficiently and save you time.
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Below are 9 great apps that will help enhance efficiency in the following categories:

  • Task Management/Notes
  • Time Tracking
  • Mind mapping (brainstorming, ideas)
  • Documents (reading & editing)
  • Cloud Storage

Criteria for recommended apps:

  • Free, simple to use, and have staying power in the app world
  • Available on a wide variety of platforms and devices
  • Highly rated by customers – over 4+ stars out of 5 on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store

Task Management & Notes

1. Evernote

Platforms: PC, Mac, Web, iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Website: www.evernote.com

Evernote is an incredible app that provides note-taking, task-management, document and sharing services in a stylish interface. It also happens to be one of the most popular productivity apps in the world. If you haven’t yet discovered Evernote, it is well-worth your time to check out the app.


  • Create notes, reminders, to-do lists and keep track of research and ideas
  • Use checklists to cross off completed tasks
  • Attach documents and images and keep these organized
  • Share your work with team members and discuss feedback within the app
  • Keep track of contacts, expenses, plan meetings and travel bookings
  • Search function allows quick + easy search of text within notes and images
  • Syncs across all of your devices

Check out the features in the Evernote video below:

2. Any.Do

Platforms: PC, Mac, Web, iOS, Android
Website: www.any.do

Any.Do is a simple yet powerful and immensely popular, award-winning app. It has advanced note-taking features with a great dictation function, which simply turns your speech into text.

The workspace design is ultra-slick and smart and very user friendly with swiping motions to easily move items around. You can organize and plan any work or personal project with this app.


  • Speech-recognition feature will turn your spoken tasks into a list for you. You can also create lists the old-fashioned way of typing.
  • Customize your time and location reminders
  • Move items around with drag and drop, swipe to complete, and shake to remove functions
  • Share and update items with coworkers or family members to collaborate and complete tasks together
  • Attach files, sound recordings and images to your lists
  • Syncs across your mobile devices and Chrome


Time Tracking

If you’re struggling to find more time in the day for all your responsibilities, the apps below can help you gain control of your time.

To help you improve your time management skills even further, try these 13 effective techniques to get you on your way to becoming an expert .

3. Toggl

Platforms: PC, Mac, Web, iOS (iPhone), Android

Toggl is a brilliant time-tracking app with a sleek design, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive analytics and reporting features. This app will help you plan and track your activities each day so you are always in control of your time.


  • Simply start the app timer when you start your task, and then press stop upon completion.
  • Your time can be organized by projects or tags and you can label activities for work or personal purposes
  • Receive comprehensive reports of how you’re spending your time / activities
  • Time tracking functionality is also available offline. Then syncs back to your account when you’re connected and online.
  • Syncs across all of your devices


4. RescueTime

Platforms: PC, Mac, Web, Android
Website: www.rescuetime.com

RescueTime tracks the time you spend while on your computer or mobile devices (currently only Android devices). It’s a powerful tool to help you get a complete picture of your workday. The robust reporting capabilities breaks out the time spent on websites, programs, applications, e-mail, meetings, etc.

You can also analyze your efficiency in many different ways (such as various times of the day) and it can help you identify any patterns of behavior that may be affecting your productivity (such as social media and e-mail habits).


  • The app sits in the background and accurately tracks activities
  • Comprehensive reporting with breakdowns of time spent across all websites and programs
  • Receive an overall productivity score based on activities and categories (customizable)
  • Set goals and alerts for time spent on various activities and track your achievements

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More Time Management Apps

There are many great time management apps available to help you. Check out some favorites in this article and see which peek your interest!

Mind Mapping

5. SimpleMind

Platforms: Desktop, Web, Mac, Android
Website:  www.simpleapps.eu/simplemind/

SimpleMind is a simple and stunning app to help you brainstorm and collect your ideas in one place.

• All ideas and brainstorms are presented in well-organized charts
• Easily arrange, drag and edit items
• Format with colors, lines and borders for great presentation quality
• Add images and notes to your maps
• Syncs across all of your devices


Documents (reading and editing)

There are many great document apps available, including the Google and Microsoft office products mentioned below. These are recommended in particular due to the familiarity that most customers already have with either or both of these products.

It will be easier and more time-efficient to work with programs you already know and that you use on a daily basis across all devices. Why spend more time learning new programs if it’s not needed?

6. Google Docs

Platforms: Web, iOS, Android


  • Easy-to-use platform to create new documents or edit existing documents
  • Share documents and work with others on the same documents
  • Compatible with Microsoft documents
  • Work offline and automatic saving
  • Integrated with Google Drive (Google’s cloud storage app)
  • Syncs across all of your devices

You can also download Google Sheets and Google Slides to work with spreadsheets and presentations.

7. Microsoft Word

Platforms: PC, Mac, iOS, Android
Website:  www.products.office.com


  • Easy-to-use interface to create new documents or edit existing documents. Microsoft has enhanced the apps so that they’re as clean and crisp as the original desktop versions.
  • Share documents and work with others
  • Integrated with OneDrive (Microsoft’s cloud storage app)
  • Syncs across all of your devices
  • You can download Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint to work with spreadsheets and presentations.


Cloud Storage

8. Google Drive

Platforms: Web, iOS, Android
Website www.google.com/drive/

Google’s cloud storage and file back up service is housed on the web and can be accessed anytime and anywhere with an internet connection or through the apps on mobile devices.


  • 15 GB of free storage for all of your files
  • Upload and share files with others
  • Designed to work with Google products and services such as easily saving Gmail attachments.
  • Syncs across all of your devices


9. Microsoft OneDrive

Platforms: PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone


  • 15 GB of free storage for all of your files
  • Upload and share files with others
  • Create, edit, and share Microsoft Office documents
  • Syncs across all of your devices


What are your favorite productivity apps?

We’d love to hear any tips! Please share your comments or feedback below.


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