9 Top Time Management Apps (Free) for iOS and Android

Time management work supplies on a table including computer, smartphone, tablet
blank space barIt can be overwhelming – the constant juggling of your work and personal responsibilities. Have you been looking for ways to improve your time management skills and get your life organized?  To help with this important goal, we have listed several great (and free) time management apps to get you on the right track.

These apps will help you manage time in the following categories, depending on your needs:

  • Task Timers – to help you stay focused and on track with your task list
  • Time Tracking – to keep track of your activities and have a complete picture of how you spend each day
  • Calendars – to keep you well-organized and schedule everything in your life.

These apps are recommended for a few reasons:

  • Free, easy-to-use, and have lasting power in the app world
  • High ratings – over 4+ stars out of 5 on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store

By applying good time management habits and using one (or a few) of these handy apps, you’ll become an expert at managing your time challenges.

Task Timers

1. 30/30

“Simple. Attractive. Useful.”

: iOS
Website: 3030.binaryhammer.com

30/30 is an incredibly popular, award-winning app that helps you manage your tasks and get things done. You simply create a list of tasks and assign a specific time for each item. You then start the timer, work on your task, then the app will notify you when the time is up. You then move on to the next task.

30-30 time management app: 4 screenshots
The  app was developed based on a concept of working straight for 30 minutes and then a 30 minute break. Hence 30/30. You can select the cycle of working and break times that suits you best, and adjust the length of time from 1 minute to 1 hour for each item.

The timer acts as a great motivator to make you focus fully on each task at a time, then followed by breaks as a reward for your hard work.


  • Minimal yet attractive interface. Keeps you on track by showing the most important details: the task you’re working on and the time remaining to complete it.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use display, fully controlled by using gestures and swipes.
  • The task list is fully customizable.  Add the name of the task, specify the time and pick colors and icons.
  • Create as many lists as you need with no limit on the number of tasks.
  • Extensive notification options.
  • Share lists with others, and sync over iCloud.

Check out a quick preview of 30/30 in the video below:



2. Do Now – Focused Timeboxing

“Flexible and Powerful Tool for Managing Time. Focus and Get Things Done.”

: Android
Website: Do Now app on the Google Play Store

Do Now is a similar tool to 30/30 for Android devices. The term “time boxing” refers to splitting up time in manageable blocks. With a sleek and user-friendly design, the app promotes a focused mindset with the main goal of getting things done.

Do Now - Focused Timeboxing App: 4 screenshots

  • Customizable design with many different themes to choose.
  • Organize all of your tasks in lists.
  • Set timer to work on your scheduled tasks and to take breaks.
  • Notifications and alarms can be set up as needed.
  • Auto-complete function recalls the length of time spent on previous tasks.
  • Save routines to easily keep track of a series of repetitive tasks.
  • Configurable actions such as start, pause, and complete tasks are all available on the app screen.
  • Sync across your Android devices, and with Google Tasks.

Time Tracking

3. Hours Time Tracking

“Hours is the time tracker you will actually use”

: iOS*
Website: www.hourstimetracking.com

Hours is a wonderful apps that is simple, elegant and intuitive, all in one. Created by the award-winning Apple developers, Tapity Inc., the app has a slick, visually appealing design that will actually make you want to use it to track your time each day.

The functionality is straightforward:  simply create a new task, tap the start button and press stop once the task is complete. Use this for every activity during your day.  There is a great visual timeline as well as reports that will give you a comprehensive picture of how you spend your days.

According to Forbes, Hours is “The Perfect iPhone Time Tracking App”.

Hours Time Tracking app: 4 screenshots

  • Organize your time by projects, activities, tasks, or clients. Use the app for both personal and work activities.
  • Add notes to your entries as desired
  • One tap to activate the start, switch, and stop timers
  • The smart reminders feature will keep you on track when to start and stop the timers
  • Visual timeline provides a clear view of the time spent and also allows you to easily fix any mistakes
  • Calendar view shows you quickly the days that you tracked time and days that you may have forgotten
  • Quickly view comprehensive reports of your daily, weekly, monthly time and activities. Or send detailed reports (pdf or csv) via e-mail.

* The developers are currently offering the app for free (normally $4.99) to celebrate the release of the version for Apple Watch. To take advantage of the free price, act fast and download the app now. It’s difficult to tell when the developers may decide to increase the price.



4. aTimeLogger

“The Beautiful Way to Track Your Time”

: Android (Free); iOS ($2.99)
Website: www.atimelogger.com

aTimeLogger is a powerful, sophisticated, and well-designed time tracking app. The purpose of the app is the same as Hours, but aTimeLogger is more detailed with additional functionality. The advanced reporting features include diagrams and graphs to help you visualize your time spent and activities.

aTimeLogger is a great solution for anyone who wants to get control over the time and optimize how they spend it.

The app is free only for Android devices.aTime Logger time tracking app: 4 screenshots

  • Easy-to-use, intuitive interface with a slick design
  • Customizable display with selection of themes. Large selection of icons for various activities.
  • Single tap to start tracking your activities, pause, resume, and stop
  • Set up goals to help improve your productivity. You will receive a notification when a goal is reached.
  • Comprehensive statistics and reporting features. View your daily, weekly and monthly time/activity statistics in pie charts and graphs.
  • Generate reports for selected dates and activities. Export files to csv or html formats.


5. Google Calendar

: Web, iOS, Android
Website: www.google.com/calendar/about

As the official Google Calendar, we would expect no less than an elegant, functional and well-designed app. And so Google has delivered. The striking and colorful interface also lives up to the excellent standard of Google products.

You can use this app to organize your life. Create events quickly and include labels, people and places. Access the information for a particular day, week and month, through several different views.

A great advantage of the app is the integration with other Android/Google products and you’ll enjoy the familiarity of the design and layout from the web version.

Google Calendar app: 3 screenshots

  • Use the schedule view to get a snapshot of your schedule with maps and pictures of the places you’ll be going.
  • Quickly select between different calendar views including daily, weekly, and monthly.
  • Events and details from Gmail are included in your calendar automatically – such as flight, hotel, and restaurant reservations.
  • A helpful collaboration tool that makes it easy to schedule events and meetings, send invitations and check availability.
  • Syncs with all your Google calendars across the web and all your devices.
  • Also works and syncs with all other local calendars, including iCloud and Exchange.
  • Add a simple to-do list through the Tasks calendar option.
  • Your calendar information is always stored online, so you will never lose your schedule, even if your phone is lost.



6. Sunrise

: Mac, PC, iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Website:  calendar.sunrise.am 

Sunrise (a Microsoft product) is an amazing calendar app, and one of the most popular in the app world. And for good reason. It has a stylish and intuitive interface with all of the features you’d expect from a great calendar.

With its brilliant design and functionality, Sunrise makes it easy for you to manage your schedule and keep you on track with all the events in your life.

Sunrise Calendar app: 4 screenshots

  • Easily create meetings and events and include the important details such as people and locations.
  • All of the standard calendar functions are included with a beautifully designed interface. Below are some of the additional features that make Sunrise so special.
  • View pictures and profiles of the people you’re meeting via LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Don’t know where to go?  Google Maps is accessed for your directions.
  • Should you bring an umbrella?  The weather forecast is provided for your location.
  • Connects with most of your favorite apps including Facebook, Foursquare, Evernote, Wunderlist, Meetup, and many more.
  • Syncs with other calendars such as Exchange, Google Calendar and iCloud.
  • Includes Meet, a custom feature to schedule one-to-one meetings on the go and from any messaging app.
  • Set up interest calendars to keep updated on your favorite TV shows and sports teams


Plus Three More Great Apps

We recently took a look at some of the best free productivity apps.  In this list, there were three apps that are great time management tools:

  • Evernote and Any.Do:  Two incredibly popular apps with great functionality for task management and notes purposes.
  • RescueTime: A useful app that runs in the background on your computer or Android devices and tracks the time you spend on all activities. It then provides you with nice summaries and reports so you can see how you spend your time.

These are also apps worth checking out and may prove to be helpful for you. Click here to find out more information about these apps and read our review.

What do you think?

What are your favorite time management apps?  Feel free to share any comments and feedback below.


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